Naturopathic Medicine utilizes the least invasive methods possible to diagnose and treat the individual in order to effectively prevent disease and promote wellness. Lab work and referrals to other medical specialists are provided when indicated.

Neuromuscular Therapy – This manual technique uses deep pressure on muscular restrictions in order to release areas of strain and allow increased freedom of movement. Gentle joint adjustments may also be employed at the same time, if needed.


Chiropractic – This practice focuses on the relationship between the structure of the body and it’s function. Joint adjustments and muscular treatments using electro-therapies are used to relieve pain and increase freedom of movement.

Massage Therapy – Massage therapy uses hands-on techniques to reduce tension and pain, increase circulation, and relax the body and mind. Many modalities exist, including deep tissue work, pregnancy massage, lymphatic drainage, and sports massage.

Reflexology – Also known as zone therapy, reflexology uses manual pressure on specific reflex points on the feet, hands, and/or ears in order to restore balance in the body and create deep relaxation.

External Peat Hydrotherapy – This therapy utilizes steam, exfoliation, and the application of mineral and enzyme rich peat, followed by a relaxing immersion in a jetted tub to activate the peat with hot water. The treatment relaxes muscles, detoxifies, and improves skin conditions such as dry skin and acne. Peat hydrotherapy also greatly improves frozen shoulder and non-inflamed muscle spasms, as well as anxiety and insomnia.

Hypnotherapy – Therapeutic hypnosis modifies and eliminates unwanted habits, increases motivation, and relieves stress. Hypnotherapy assists with pain and weight management, accelerates healing, reduces anxiety, and much more. Hypnotherapy can help you accomplish your desires with imagination and creativity.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – This  process uses your naturally occurring brain activity to make significant and lasting changes in behavior, attitude and limiting beliefs, transforming the effects of past trauma in order to create a more fulfilling life.

DiSC – Useful on a personal level or professionally, this tool helps create an understanding of “why we do the things we do.” DiSC provides a common language to describe behavioral tendencies while honoring the strengths and differences of individuals. Use DiSC to enhance interpersonal relationships, effectively communicate in a world of diversity, and create an environment for self-motivation for you and others.

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