Dr. Susan Godwin

Owner and Director of Vitality Center for Conscious Living. Dr. Godwin has lived and practiced in Fairbanks Alaska since 2005. She graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland Oregon, and her specialties include neuromuscular and mind-body therapies.

Dr. Godwin enjoys yoga, nature, and spending time with her Tibetan mastiffs Maya and Beowulf (Bebe).

 Leon Fazzio III, DC


Vitality Center for Conscious Living welcomes Dr. Leon Fazzio III, chiropractic physician to our team! Dr. Fazzio has practiced for 25 years and specializes in comprehensive muscular and skeletal treatments. He uses manual therapies as well as state of the art electro-therapies, including ultrasound, interferential, Russian current and diathermy in order to provide the highest quality care for his patients. 



Nevada Walton

Nevada is a master practitioner and associate trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis. She has been a practitioner at Vitality since its opening in 2009.

She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and furthering her education in order to better meet the needs of her patients.

Alyson Rigby

Alyson Rigby, LMT

Alyson specializes in massage therapy, reflexology, and external peat hydrotherapy. She graduated from the Phyllis Southam School of of Reflexology in 1996. Her studies have included advanced reflexology, Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, and oncology massage.

Alyson considers it an honor to help people and loves being part of the supportive, positive environment at Vitality.


Stacy Collier, CPT, CPC1U4A4483 copy

Stacy is our billing manager as well as Dr. Godwin’s medical assistant specializing in exercise therapy. She is a certified personal trainer and seeks to help those living with low back, shoulder, hip, and knee pain.

She enjoys the great Alaskan outdoors with her two children, as well as staying active in the gym with her bodybuilding.