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The Vitality Center for Conscious Living offers an integrated medical approach, providing diverse therapies to promote optimum wellness. Naturopathy, chiropractic, hypnotherapy, massage and hydrotherapy are available through the practitioners on staff at the clinic. Our other available therapies include joint adjustments, dietary plans, peat hydrotherapy, colon hydrotherapy, foot reflexology, aromatherapy and energy balancing treatments. The Center provides a peaceful environment where patients are able to relax, unwind and heal during their visits.

About Vitality


The Vitality Center offers a wide variety of naturally based clinical and educational tools for healthy living in Fairbanks, Alaska. The center is located in a unique historic building with a log post and beam interior, in a quiet and easily accessible residential neighborhood.

Alaskans are known for their individualism and their independent spirit. Vitality offers tools for life improvement through natural medicine, including nutrition, body- mind therapies, chiropractic, exercise therapy, hypnosis, massage, hydrotherapies, and natural skin care. Dr. Godwin, the director of Vitality Center has brought these modalities together under one roof in order to make them accessible to patients who might not have otherwise sought them out.

Vitality’s quiet, retreat-like setting allows patients and practitioners the tranquility needed for clarity of focus and healing. Vitality inspires people to expand their vision of health through education and by helping them to feel their improvements, often immediately. We show our patients how the lifestyle changes we promote create freedom, rather than restriction. Far from boring, this makes healthy changes an exciting way to bring Vitality into their lives.


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